The Destined

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I've also been working on a story...and I'm excited about it!!!

Its called "The Destined" and I'm posting it on fictionpress (link is on my profile under "my fiction"). If you're interested, read the prologue below!!


She peered through the darkness. Her nerves were tense, her blood was boiling, and adrenaline was rushing through her body as if she had taken a hit of heroin. Standing to get a better look at her prey, she slowly placed her hand over the shaft of her sword, and was preparing herself to take another life.

The man she was sent to eradicate sat peacefully on a park bench. His naivety was amusing to the assassin as she slowly walked to him. She took short, quick steps, giving time to look over her shoulder every few seconds to make sure the deed was done with no one around.

She had crept up behind him easily, without much noise, and without much thought. She had to even smirk at how easy this was going to be.

“I know why you’re here,” the man said while she stood in the shadow of the night trying to remain calm, and trying to understand his comment. “I hope you don’t think I would be so careless as to have it on me.” His voice tried to convey a confidence she knew he didn’t have.

She stayed in her position. “I hope you don’t think I am so careless as to harm you until I get what he wants.” She was going to toy with him, she knew she could kill him. It would just be nice to get the information from him than to further prolong the journey.

He began to turn to see who his killer was. “Keep your eyes forward old man.”

She slipped out of the shadows, but the darkness was still too thick to fully see. Her blade was pressed against his back, between his should blades, “This can be done quick and easy, or hard and messy.” She stated, “Your choice.”

“Do you know what you are doing,” the man said, and by now his voice was thick with fear.

“Where is it?”

“Do you have any idea how important it is to keep it a secret?”

‘Again, quick and easy or hard and messy!”

“Please,” he began his voice was quivering now, “I know why he wants it. Whatever he has told you, it’s a lie.”

“We’re not discussing motive here,” the assassin noted, “We’re discussing your life.” and with that she moved her blade from his back, raised it a few more inches to his neck and came up on him. She whispered, “Our kind is developing faster than you can handle, and we will have it.”

The blade sliced his neck with an easy incision. He screamed at the pain and fell to the ground.

“Where is it,” she was straddling his fallen body now. He was holding his neck trying to stop the blood from gushing out.

“I can’t tell you,” he began to plead, “Please understand.”

She peered into the man’s eyes, and in a moment her eyes adjusted to the night; she could see his face better. Her eyes squinted to bring his face into visual focus and mental memory.

“You used to understand,” the man began still in a plea. “Kiely, you used to care.’

She smiled at the feeble attempt of the old man to recall her past life, “Kiely died a long time ago. Would you like to join her?”

“Kiely,” he saw in her face a bit of remorse, although her words were trying to convey the opposite. “He’s not who you think—“

Her blade went through his chest like a butter knife slices through freshly baked bread. Her face was resolved. Her mission was semi-accomplished.

“You,” he began, through a mouth full of blood, “How did you end up like this?”

She thought of his question, “The same way you ended up like this.” She finished her execution with a twist of the blade and watched without emotion as the old man’s life slipped from him. “The same way we all have to fight for our existence.”



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